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Congo: On The Lava Trail 

1 x 52 mins 
For all its beauty, it might as well be a sea of gasoline. Calm and blue on its surface, Lake Kivu hides a deadly secret: enough carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane in its depths to kill all two million..

Earth Report 

1 X 52 mins HD
Over 365 days of 2006, our planet will undergo remarkable changes: tumultuous weather, new species discovered, others lost, resources consumed and millions of new humans added to our rolls. Earth Repo..

Earth Report 2 

1 X 52 mins 
The Northwest passage opened for the first time in recorded history, much of the United States’ honeybee population mysteriously died and China bypassed the United States in total carbon emissi..

Earth Report 3 

1 X 52 mins 
2008 was a year when Planet Earth made headlines every day - from horrific violence… to stunning beauty.  But lost behind the headlines were the unexpected scientific breakthroughs they f..


3 X 52 mins 
A technological revolution is sweeping the planet, changing the way the world may run in the future. Floors are being crafted that generate energy when people walk on them. Rooms can tell when people..

Eco-Engineering 2 

3 X 52 mins 
This popular series returns to explore the very latest cutting-edge ‘green’ technologies that offer crucial alternatives for building projects and to help power our planet. EPISODES:..

Extreme Ice 

1 X 52 mins 
The clock is ticking on the grand drama of our changing climate. And the source of that swinging climatic pendulum lies in the most extreme ice-covered environments on earth, where ancient glaciers cr..

Human Footprint USA (The) 

1 X 94 mins 
Have you ever stopped to think how your actions add up over a lifetime? Just think of all the things you produce and consume. Imagine seeing all the food you eat piled up in front of you; all the can..

Seed Hunter 

1 X 52 mins 
Our planet is heating up and one of the first casualties will be our food. Scorching temperatures, choking levels of carbon dioxide, more drought, salinity, frosts and new diseases are tipping most o..


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